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Noise Regulation Report
Noise Regulation in the United States- access to federal rules and programs, statutes from all 50 states, and noise control ordinances from more than 50 selected cities.
* Guide to Airport Noise Programs: Including Part 150 and Part 161 Studies- valuable information from more than 300 airports, agencies, and organizations.
Alternative Fuels and Energy for Aviation- featuring more than 90 articles from the past 10 years of AENews, PLUS unlimited access to more than 40 reports and organizations addressing alternative fuels.

• Aviation Environmental Litigation- coverage of more than 60 selected cases, including citation and/or contact information.

• Highway Noise: Trends in Policy and Research- exciting details on more than 140 highway noise research projects and programs.

• Noise and Health- important research on the effects of noise on humans and animals- including free access to more than 65 research reports.

• Noise Litigation- more than 80 selected cases covering aviation, community, workplace, parks, and wildlife.

• Except for Guide to Airport Noise Programs and Noise Regulation in the United States, each Special Report is a compilation of the most significant articles from recent editions of Aviation and Environment News or Noise Regulation Report, including exclusive coverage of historic events and groundbreaking research, policy initiatives, or court decisions, grouped by subject for your convenience. These two reports are available to subscribers only.

• Plus—Contact information and Internet links to relevant documents and reports.

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Aviation and Environment News
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___ Noise and Health

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