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Noise Headlines and Top Story- Updated August 17, 2018
Legislative Roundup: Noise Bills Await Action in Congress
- Special Report: Highway Noise Policies, Programs, Planning, and Guidance
- Quiet Mark Product Certification Program Debuts in the U.S.
- Special Report: Noise Regulation in the United States
- Potential Biomarker for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Identified
- NGA Seeks to Produce Baseline Soundscapes Anywhere in the World
New Research Links Noise Annoyance to Cardiac Arrhythmia
- Singapore Researchers Adapt Noise Cancellation Technology for Open Windows
- NIOSH and OSHA Warn About Noise and Ototoxic Chemicals
- Occupational Noise Linked with High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol 
- Some Healthcare Workers at Greater Risk of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss 
- Report Documents Advances in Quieter Pavement Research and Development

NCHRP Seeks New Strategies for
Mitigating Highway Noise

National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) tentatively approved researched designed to “identify innovative methods to avoid transportation noise impacts or to reduce impacts where traditional noise mitigation methods are not feasible and reasonable.” Potential methods for study include:

• solid safety barriers in place of guard rails; 

• sound-absorbing ground surface adjacent to the highway; 

• vegetated swales or retention basins; 

• quieter pavements for highways and highway shoulders; 

• quieter bridge decks and joints; 

• quieter rumble strips; 

• retrofitted absorptive or vegetative sound wall treatments; 

• retrofitted lightweight noise wall overhangs;

• bike path and bike path separation zones;

• on-board sound intensity measurements to identify loud sections for targeted rehabilitation of highways;

• small height berms.

Such methods “could help reduce the overall cost of a project, when compared to what it would cost if traditional noise mitigation was used, and provide relief to communities where traditional methods are not applied,” according to NCHRP. “In addition, these methods may increase the effectiveness of traditional mitigation methodologies when used in conjunction.” 

A formal project statement and request for proposals are due later this year. 

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